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Lee Lee’s Catering LLC will be there to full fill your food cravings daily in a great friendly environment, where we cook everything with love..


Lee Lee’s Catering Cooking With Love, LLC, has gone through experiences that have shaped their critically acclaimed style of cooking. Each recipe is prepared into a memorable journey. With all the different places we have catered, the love filled warmth from each individual that we have served you can see and feel. At Lee Lee’s Catering we believe that every dish should be packed with our savored seasoned recipes and shared with the world. 


Who is Lee Lee’s? We Are Lee Lee’s because the love this company has for those around resonate into our savored cuisines. Lee Lee’s is about giving back, helping those around us find there desire, and helping those who want better in life to think and grow rich by desire.   

Our story is about two families that had the same desires about cooking savored cuisines to show off the skills of cooking with love. Two families that didn’t know one another until two young strong like-minded entrepreneur’s crossed paths and had a vision to fulfill their desires of growth by desire.

The company was formed in Memory of Peggy Lee Green ( Shamocka Green‘s Mother), who lost her battle to Cancer. Peggy loved to cook and feed as many people with her loved filled savored cuisine’s. Appezene Smith (Derrick Smith‘s Mother) Taught him how to cook with love and to have a smile knowing that the cuisine that he was preparing was not only for himself but for others to enjoy as well. She taught Derrick the importance of cooking. So Cooking with love is necessary at Lee Lee’s Catering Cooking With Love. It’s in our blood-line and we can’t send one plate out without it being packed with Love.

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Specializes in creating dishes with fresh, quality ingredients.

When we are not whipping up fabulous recipes,

we can be found exploring great new ethinic

recipes to create in our East Texas area

just to create new inspirations to share

With you.

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How My Love of Sweet & Salty Turned Into Our Signature Treat

How did the hand pies look? Did you love the brownies? How many choux did you eat in one sitting? Yes, these are the things I think about. So today, after creating a gorgeous selection of our favorites for a client to send as a new year’s gift, I was given a gift of my own: direct feedback from the recipients of the pastries.

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